Port-forwarding a range of addresses


You want to forward a range of addresses from the router to a specific box on your LAN, such that requests to any of the selected ports is automatically forwarded to the selected box.


Login to your Freesco box as root (via telnet). Type:

cd /mnt/router/rc
edit rc_user
Near the end of the file, just below the spot where it says "Starting rc_user...", type the following.
ipautofw -A -r tcp <firstport> <lastport> -h <destination>

Replace <firstport> with the FIRST port in the range, and <lastport> with the LAST port in the range. Replace <destination> with the IP address of the machine you want the ports to be forwarded to.

For example, to forward ports 2500-2600 to a machine on your LAN at, you'd enter:

ipautofw -A -r tcp 2500 2600 -h

Now, restart rc_user with the following command:
/mnt/router/rc/rc_user restart
The range of ports should now be open, and automatically forwarded to the desired machine.