Freesco :: Single Floppy Linux Router

As the title states, Freesco is a complete Linux router that fits on a single floppy disk. Pop the floppy and two network cards into an old 386/486/Pentium machine, and you've got yourself a robust, standalone router.

If you haven't tried it before, be sure to check out to grab a copy.

FreePanel for Freesco v0.3.0

Looking for a nicer, easier-to-use control panel to administer Freesco v0.3.0?

Check out FreePanel.

FreePanel is now available for download as a Freesco package!

Beyond Setup

The setup program included with Freesco has limits; you can only go just so far with it before you need to start customizing your floppy manually.

These Freesco Customization Guides explain how to modify several parts of Freesco, including DNS, firewalling, and other changes.

Freesco v0.3.0 without DNRD, with BIND

Having problems with DNRD under Freesco v0.3.0? Click here for a copy of Freesco v0.3.0 with DNRD removed and BIND added.

Freesco Graphics/Buttons

I've made an assortment of promotional and "powered by" buttons for Freesco over the years.

Click here to browse the collection.