Beyond Setup - Customizing Freesco

The setup program included with Freesco has limits; you can only go just so far with it before you need to start customizing your floppy manually.

Some of these guides only work on specific versions of Freesco; the required version has been noted to the left of each of the guides below.

All  Customizing your Freesco floppy (add/remove programs & files)
All  Finding your external IP address (without using a bounce site)
v0.2.7  Detecting network probes
All  Create a CGI script using only shell scripting
v0.2.7  Setting up subdomains in DNS
v0.2.7  Setting up reverse DNS for your subdomains
v0.2.7  Blocking a remote IP from connecting to your Freesco box
v0.2.7  Port-forwarding a range of addresses
v0.2.7  Setting up a remote mail exchanger for a local domain
v0.2.7  Prevent a machine from making outbound connections, but allow incoming

Be sure to backup your Freesco floppy before trying any of the guides above; if you make a mistake, your Freesco box may stop working.