Freesco v0.3.0 with BIND

Freesco version 0.3.0 is excellent - except that it uses DNRD as its default caching DNS server. DNRD has chronic problems with certain DNS servers, and consistently crashes on many Freesco boxes (including mine).

I know virtually nothing about DNRD, and don't care to take the time to debug it. I was happy with BIND in v0.2.7 - it worked well and never crashed. So for the time being, I've brought BIND to Freesco v0.3.0.

NOTE: This is an independent project, and is not associated with the Freesco team in any way. This is a MODIFIED VERSION of Freesco, and the Freesco team will NOT provide support for it.

Ethernet ONLY

BIND is significantly larger than DNRD, and that's probably one of the reasons the Freesco developers ditched it. So in order to fit BIND on to the Freesco v0.3.0 floppy, I had to make some sacrifices.

Since I use Ethernet exclusively, I decided to scrap dial-up support. Sorry guys, but I really didn't want to sacrifice any of Freesco v0.3.0's other functionality.

So to recap: This will not work with dial-up Internet accounts.


Note that these archives contain the floppy image ONLY - if you want the rest of the support files, grab a stock copy of Freesco from Freesco's download page as well.

Here are the files:

Freesco v0.3.0 with BIND and Standard Freesco web control panel

Freesco v0.3.0/BIND ZIP (if downloading under Windows)
Freesco v0.3.0/BIND TAR/GZip (if downloading under Unix)

This version is identical to the stock Freesco floppy, except that it has BIND installed instead of DNRD.

Freesco v0.3.0 with BIND and FreePanel web control panel

Freesco v0.3.0/BIND/FreePanel ZIP (if downloading under Windows)
Freesco v0.3.0/BIND/FreePanel TAR/GZip (if downloading under Unix)

This version is identical to the one above, except that it has FreePanel preinstalled.

Other Issues

I didn't bother to take the time to update every single script on the floppy, to reflect the change from DNRD to BIND. So please DO NOT use the web control panel or the setup program to edit your DNS configuration. You need to edit the files manually.

Your BIND configuration files are (as always):


I may eventually release a patch to FreePanel (my custom web control panel) to allow you to edit your BIND configuration via the web, but until then, it's manual configuration only.

What, EXACTLY, have you changed in these floppy images?

The floppy images above are identical to the "stock" Freesco v0.3.0 floppies, except that I've removed the following files:


And added the following files:


How do I install this version of Freesco?

Aside from the minor changes I've made to the DNS server, this version of Freesco is identical to Freesco v0.3.0. The exact same installation procedures apply as before.

Contact / Bug Reports

If you find a problem or have question specifically related to using BIND with Freesco v0.3.0, feel free to contact me at: