FreePanel :: Beta

FreePanel v0.1.1BETA is now available for testing. While this version only includes one new feature (DNS compatibility with Freesco v0.3.2), it contains major changes to the overall code to faciliate a 5KB (so far) reduction in size. Further optimizations are planned.


Note that this beta is intended for testing only. We have tested it thoroughly on our machines and it appears to work correctly, but it has not been yet been subjected to end-user testing (which is the purpose of this beta). As such, it is not recommended that you use this version of FreePanel on critical/production machines.


To install the beta, backup your current web control panel, then run:
pkg -i (enter)
Follow the instructions on-screen to install FreePanel. Once it's finished installing, try it out by starting up your browser (on another machine), and entering the following URL:

http://(your router's ip):82

You should see the the FreePanel login page. Login with your usual Control Panel username (usually "admin") and password, and enjoy FreePanel!

Reporting Bugs

If you find a bug, please report it! E-mail me at: