FreePanel :: Screenshots

Click here for a full-size screenshot of the DNS configuration page.

This is FreePanel's port forwarding configuration page. Forwarded ports are clearly listed, and each port can be removed by clicking the red X to its right.

Setting up a new forwarded port (or range of ports, thanks to v0.3.0!) is quick and painless.

Need to schedule a task? FreePanel has a built-in crontab editor to simplify the process.

You can even execute simple commands (such as ls, ps, etc.) from the web console.

View running processes, and terminate zombies. (DNRD, anyone?)

View detailed information about your system, update your DynDNS account, or reboot your router from the System Control page. You can even download a report to post to the Freesco forums if you're having problems.

Start, stop, and restart your services with a click of a button.

Still here? Feel free to download a copy of FreePanel. It's is free, after all.